I Would Enjoy The Free Call Again

My friend introduced me Magic Jack years ago, she even offered me one for free and I tried it immediately to my laptop. I thought it won’t work with my smart line but it did, even they are depending only to a signal. Magic Jack allows me to call my husband in the states and it was even charge me free or zero. My husband could also call me through it with local charges, it was indeed a best way for our communication daily as he always called me on the phone, it indeed help us with our finances for our overseas call budget.

I also introduced this to a friend, they tried to call me on my Magic Jack and they had checked if they would get a good connection. She asked me to call her on the phone and vice versa. Later they bought a Magic Jack for their family here in the Philippines and they are satisfied with the outcome. The Magic Jack that my friend gave years ago was already expired and no matter I renewed it, it just doesn’t work so I asked my husband to send me another one, I set it up here and viola I can call him again anytime, especially when Faith is sick.

My husband got the one year subscription and now it is sad to say that no matter how I tried to renew it, I am still getting the same problem. I asked my husband about it and he said I just have to wait for a while. Now my friend here has a Magic Jack that she did not use ever, it was also my friend who gave it to her. It would be a waste if no one will ever use it so she offered it to me. I said yes of course, and I will be setting it up next week when it is here already. I miss the Magic Jack, I miss dialling my husband and calling him in the middle of the night here or surprised him with my call and so I can’t wait for my friend to hand it over to me.

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