Goodbye DLink, Hello Buffalo!

I was contemplating between the thought of buying another router or to let my old router repair yet before I will make a decision to buy a new one. But today, after I sent my daughter to her Paediatrician for check-up since she has been suffering from LBM and vomiting, I decided to just buy a new router. What I had before is Dlink and it is even expensive than of Linksys, so to make a change, I picked the most affordable one since my friend who is also working in a computer shop said that they have the same feature and the price among them are the only difference. I choose the Buffalo instead, it costs only P1, 400 while Linksys costs P2, 300.00 and the Dlink is P2, 600.00 so why choose the expensive while I can do everything as well for the less expensive, right?

When we arrived home, my niece also arrived from school, I asked her to assist me as I don’t know the procedure to attach to which is which. Oh well, the setup is so easy, it is only like 1, 2, 3 and in an instant we have the Wi-Fi spot here at home.

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