My Computer Won’t Start Right Away

Mj and Faith’s examination day is over and yesterday was holiday so the kids had long weekend this week. And since Mj stopped already her training she was able to mingle with her cousins who came here to visit and most of the time they were using my mini computer to play some games. Mj downloaded a DJ remix in my new computer and she listened and composes some remix music but this morning my computer was so slow to open, it seems it was hanging.

Actually it was already an issue yesterday morning then just before she downloads that DJ remix, it hangs when it starts. My husband suggested I must have this one checked since it is still under warranty. I told Mj about the computer’s issue, she tried to open it this morning, it hangs but later it worked. It is weird right? Yet I would still send this one back to the shop, I can’t deal with a hang computer whenever I would start it every morning. I will send this one on Monday yet since there is no work today.

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