For Your Pneumatic Tools

What have I learned lately? Well I have been learning about pneumatic tools.  Do you know what pneumatic tools are?  Pneumatic tools use pressurized gas (mostly air) to make the tools work.  My husband told me he used pneumatic paint chippers (or needle guns as he called them) to chip paint during his early navy days.  There are many different types of pneumatic tools and they are used for various purposes, a lot of time, just by changing an attachment, for different uses. The coilhose pneumatics is one manufacturer of pneumatic tools.  One thing my husband told me about using those, chippers was that it made the work a lot easier and faster.  The ease of use and the speed really let them accomplish their work either ahead of time or on schedule.  He said that the tools were easy to use and some tasks would have taken days instead of a few hours.  He called it “the right tool” for the job.

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