Got The Ticket Online And Watched Movie For Free

I got the free ticket yesterday from SM. I registered it online and later they sent me the confirmation code and that’s it.  The movie that I choose was “Stolen” and I just watched it today. I supposed to be with a friend but she was not able to make it. So I end up watching the movie alone, the story is about a guy who stole 10 million in a bank and was caught, he spent 8 years in the prison bar. When he went out, his partner revenges him because of what he did to him 8 years ago. Will, shoot his partner because he wanted to kill a person who saw their faces when they robbed a bank. While he drag his partner to their getaway car, Will has to go back to get the bag of money but he got caught. When Will was freed, Vincent revenge by kidnapping Will’s daughter, he thought that Will still has the money and kept it somewhere and he wanted Will to deliver him, his share. Will could not get him the money because he burned it before he got caught and put to the prison bar. Here’s the trailer of the movie:

What I noticed of the cinema today was that it doesn’t have the sound effects; it was like you are watching a movie in your local TV. It was not even have the Dolby or Digital sounds or something? Anyway maybe they are just cross cutting since the move was for free on the other hand; I had a fun time watching the movie alone.

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