Affordable Ink For HP 2060

I am just so thankful that I bought my printer HP 2060 this year, this is a big help for my three students here with their assignment. And one more thing the ink does not cost a lot unlike with my previous printer. The cost of the ink with my printer before was P600.00 but now I can save P200.00 because the ink just cost me like P390.00. And yet you could scan and photocopy with this printer. My daughter used it a lot when she has to scan the picture from her Polaroid camera. Wow! This year I bought numbers of gadgets I could use, first I bought a new printer, a new laptop, a new router, I also added some amount for my daughter’s polaroid camera and recently I bought my dream Semi DSLR camera, I could not contain my happiness when finally I have it on my hand. Next project? Uhmmm, maybe a new tablet or kindle, let’s see.

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