Wanted To Touch That Amazing Equipment

I dreamed once to be a DJ or disk jockey, I really wanted to be on the radio. I was even visited numbers of radio station just to check on their work. I am so impressed with what they are doing and the gadgets and equipment for the songs to be on air. It was totally amazing for me so I decided to get Mascom as my college course, as I wanted to mix music or touch that awesome akai apc40 but that remains a dream because I have to apply for scholarships during college so to pursue and finish the 4 year degree of their required courses. And unfortunately MASCOM or mass communication is not part of it. The reason was to take and finish MASCOM, one must have to be on field and being a working student of that school, we are required 8 hours a day and 6 days a week for the office that we assigned to take care of. In short, we can’t do things in the field or visits some radio station during our internship because we have to study at home. Meanwhile as I could not reach my dream to work in a radio station, I just content myself to study balancing in a financial statement, which soon, I have learned to love it.

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