Confiscating Her Computer From 10:00 PM And Beyond

My Niece had a mini computer or netbook she uses every day. She is just very contented to be staying in their room the whole day and do some online tasks. Sometimes, I’d like to invite her to start blogging to use her minicomputer worthwhile and not just watching some Korean stuff. But I am having a second thought because if she would get too busy with blog, she may not be concentrating her studies at all. So I stopped and just said maybe next time but she could not control herself to use her computer the whole night. She could even use it like till wee hours, and she could not get up early in the morning because she is already tired from last night. So I must do something so she could wake up early and attend her class without being late. And I force her to agree with me that I have to confiscate her laptop when the clock strikes 10:00 p.m. at night. She did not say a word but it is two nights now that she is willingly put her computer inside our bedroom.  While she and Mj went to their bedroom to sleep, no using of computer from 10:00 p.m. and beyond is the policy in the house now.

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