Nuffnang On My Leaderboard

I registered already at Nuffnang when I started blogging; I guess that was already 4 years ago. But I didn’t install the code to my blogs as I was not sure what to do with it and how could I earned from them. So it was only stock in my email whenever I received some notifications from them. Until Genny told me about it and advised me to install the code since I am already a member. I was just wasting my time to fill up the membership form if I will not install the code to my blog.

So I went there again, renewing my password then starting to edit my blogs that was already in there system. Now the code is a bit tricky because as I knew it, we can’t just put the code while you are a self-hosting to wordpress. Genny instructed me every bit of it, and this is what she told me.

  • Go to the Dashboard
  • Then click the appearance
  • And then editor
  • Then go to the Header.php
  • Just after the <head> and <body> paste the code from the nuffnang provided for your blog.
  • And voila, your ad for nuffnang is there. Mine was I put it in the leader board.

You could withdraw your earnings from Nuffnang when it reaches already t0 the minimum they required.

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