Mobile Phones On My Hand

There were no gadgets we can depend on when we were yet on college. So when I have my very first cell phone that was 3210, and that was after college already when I was already working, I can’t contain my happiness to have ever touch and use my own phone. The forwarded message was still a hit that time, so even though I don’t have money in my pocket, I would really try to buy for my phone so I can forward those messages and or say thank you to the one who send me with that message. The second cell phone I had was with a camera this time and that was given to me by my fiancé, now my husband when we met here the first time. I used it for a long time until I decided to have the cherry mobile; I was so intrigue with the TV on the cellphone and the dual sim of course, as I was planning to have an eloader business so I bought it. Yet, the small business did not prosper so I switched again to Nokia that was the most expensive cellphone I ever bought and I lost it after a year. So forget to ask me what the model of the cellphone was because until now I am still mourning for it. My newest cellphone is the Samsung pocket. I bought it only for almost P5, 000.00 I love the feature because you can connect it to instagram and other social network it goes with Android application so I can just connect to the Internet anytime I want as long as there’s a Wi-Fi spot.

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