Mega Pro This New Year

We were just contented with disk to put into the DVD player so we could sing our hearts out before but when Magic Sing was introduced everyone are so hooked up to it. I got one Magic Sing; my husband bought me a Magic Sing as a gift from him on our Wedding Day. But I didn’t expect that the one we got is phase out already when I tried to purchase one chip last year so we could sing the latest song, they said they don’t have one available chip for our model. The extreme is a little bit cheaper than of Wow Magic sing and their chip as well but a friend introduced me the Mega Vision or Mega Pro, it is a gadget that has already lots of songs and if you want to add more latest songs you will just go to their service center to upload some songs and this time it is even more affordable. Yesterday I went to the appliance center to purchase one in an installment basis. The equipment is more expensive than of those magic sing, but since it is installment basis it is not that heavy to my pocket thought. The C.I. already went to our house this morning to ask some questions. And the Mega Pro would be delivering this afternoon and so I have to go out now to withdraw since I am still lacking for my down payment to them. I am sure we all have fun to sing out loud this coming New Year, I can’t wait then.

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