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How Important The Cell phone For Our Kids Nowadays

It is indeed very important for our graders to have a cell phone when they are at school. You may ask why while we didn’t have that before when we were on their age. Oh well, in today’s life, this communication gadget is important in our daily lives. When I still refused for Mj to have a cell phone I really had a hard time reaching her out when I need to tell her she have to wait for me and that she doesn’t have to worry because I was already on my way to picked her.

And when she needs to tell me an emergency project materials, she needs to wait for me to arrive home so she can buy those materials while if she have a cell phone, she can just message me and I could drop by at the mall to purchase those project materials. There was also one time that I really need to buy her a phone when she has to travel alone as she was one of the delegates for a swimming competition in Dagupan. That time I really could not set of buying her a phone aside, I need to buy her a phone as soon as possible before her flight. Good thing that My Phone brand was not that expensive, it still has a camera and she could also download some music, the way she likes to have. Until now she used her phone always, even she already stop her training. I just bought her a 200 pesos load and that’s already for one month. We don’t have any issue anymore of any information we have that we need to convey to each other.

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