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The First Time I Worked As A Call Centre Agent

I am so happy that my friends from Cybercity invited me for a beach party. Of course without hesitations, I said yes and agreed with the meeting. I bought foods for the party as well. I so missed my friends and my work as well. I could remember on the night we have to take a call from a project. My hand was shaking when I have to navigate the keys, especially when the phone rang and I was able to talk to a customer. Actually we just have a spiel that we always uttered that is already on our monitor. So it was easy peasy, what is hard was that when you have to talk while your hand is working on the keys. We have to encode the number that the customer ordered from a catalogue. Good thing, I didn’t have a complicated call, I have a very fine conversation with my first customer and apparently that helps me pass the training and eventually my way to work in a call centre.

I was not that expert to use a computer, I just knew a basic but being a call centre agent made me an expert, especially when every night I have to multitasking. So we were also trained as a customer representative, whereas you need to rebut with some complains and customers and technicians as well. You could also see more pop ups in the monitor, there’s a window for your spiel, for the serial number, and notes. You can imagine 5 or more windows you need to work at the same time. Yes, working in a call centre agent is not easy at all, but surely I had so much fun. It is not boring at all because every day you can encounter different people over the phone. Some were nice, some were kind but mostly some were irate. That was okay though, it’s part of my work. You might won’t believe this, but dealing with an irate customer is somewhat fulfilling. You know why? It is because when you were able to tone down the customer on the other line or you made him or her satisfied with your answers, there’s a feeling of success in the end of the conversation, which somehow makes you feel like yeah I did it!

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