Bye-bye Barista!

If you stop at a coffee shop once or twice a day and spend a few dollars for a cup of decent coffee you know that this allegedly “affordable” luxury can get pretty pricey. That’s probably why the single serve pod or on demand coffee makers have gotten so popular – they produce the same quality of coffee for just pennies a cup and you don’t even need to leave the house. One sip of a Barista Prima® K-Cup® coffee and it’s bye-bye barista, hello convenience and more cash in the pocket instead of the tip jar.

With an on demand coffee maker you get all the variety a coffee shop can offer along with piping hot and flavorful coffee at the press of a button. The machines are easy to use and there are no filters to fuss with, no pot or carafe to clean and no warmer to worry about. Just as the name implies, a single serve coffee maker brews one cup at a time, on demand, and it brews directly into your mug, glass, cup or travel mug so you can choose the container as well as the coffee.

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These devices use coffee inserts which are pre-measured with exactly the right amount of coffee; the machine issues the precise amount of water necessary to bring out the best in the coffee and the results are consistent – each and every cup is perfectly brewed. Not even a professional barista can be so consistent and so quick.

With an on demand coffee maker you have options – there are hundreds of roasts, blends and flavors of coffee available, along with tea, chai and hot chocolate; most come in either regular or decaffeinated variations.

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