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Samsung Vs. Ipod

The beach outing went out very good last weekend because my friends and I were able to chitchats longer, our topics hopped to a topic to another topic. And one of those was the rival of Samsung and Ipod. My friend even was able to watch this video in you tube between Ipod and Samsung soaked in the water and Ipod showed to be the winner. They even told me about the case of the two and when the Samsung was defeated, the Samsung paid the Ipod millions of cents or maybe that was billions. Anyway, I really don’t know what I am talking about here, my phone is Samsung and so far it looks like, I am head over heels like it. Although, I must admit my first love is Nokia, on the other note, I must admit too that I want to try the Ipod, it is just so expensive so I don’t know when can I have one for me.

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