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The New Earphone Is Damaged Again

My daughter just bought an earphone; I guess that was only this month since her earphone for her My Phone did not last long. It has been a while that she requested for an earphone and so I gave in to buy her a pair of earphone. She was so happy then since she loves listening songs on her MP3 from her cellphone. But after like a week or two she complained again, her earphone was busted, of course I told her I will not buy again another one since we just bought this month. Any gadget would be easily damaged if you are always crushed it while asleep because it is hooked in your ear overnight. Earphone has small wiring so it is really easy to get busted.

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Saving For A Phone For Android Apps

When I was still on Mj’s age I always just wait from my sister’s old stuffs. But the kids today are different they would even try to save just to get what they want. My eldest daughter has been wanting a touch screen with Android ready, yes she was like very eager to save because of this gadget. She said if she ever could buy the phone that she dreamed to have, she will give her My Phone to her cousin Dodong. My sister, the Mom of Dodong even thanked her for having that thought I am sure Dodong is very excited to own a phone.

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Golden Voice Soon

I always appreciate music and their equipment and gadgets. My daughter has been long to learn a certain musical but I want her to introduce another gadget just like Presonus at musicians friend and be able to learn from it and its functions. Aside from her eagerness to learn guitar or piano she is also fond of singing and recording her voice. But I must admit even I am her mother, she is really doesn’t have a voice no matter how she tried and so I am going to enrol her this summer in a voice lesson. So her summer will be full of music and songs and apparently no more spending under the heat in the sun on the water. I can’t wait for her to learn those music instrument though and hearing her golden voice soon.

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