Not Only A Coffee Drinker

I was so happy when I received a coffee maker on my wedding, because I thought I can make my own coffee through that but I was wrong because until now it is still stuck somewhere and never has been used. Aside from I don’t know how to use that, I am always in a hurry when I prepare my coffee so I want instant in the end of the day. I could have been tasted and smelled the aroma of pure coffee beans because of that gadget but maybe I am just too lazy to learn it. Besides, I am not only a coffee drinker but I also love shakes, milk and hot chocolates. Yes there are times I craved for  hot chocolates and right now I am trying to find a find swiss miss hot chocolate as they said it has a non-fat milk, obviously I want to lose weight, oh I’d been mentioning that to my other blogs and it has also a mouth-watering aroma that no one could ever resist. I still haven’t got a taste of it but I am not losing my hope, I know I would be able to enjoy next time. I’ll just ask my husband if he can find this kind of hot chocolate in his local store and I am sure he would not say no, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching anyway.

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