Uncomfortable Without A Mouse

Ever since I owned a laptop my husband provided me a mouse to use, so that’s why I am not used to have no mouse at all when writing here online. But when my husband sent me an Acer mini notebook, and I brought it anywhere in the house, I learned how to navigate my mini notebook without a mouse and I was just like okay with it. That time, I proved to myself that I can use my laptop with or without mouse to use.

However, when we just had our getaway last weekend and brought my new laptop, I did not bring my mouse thinking I can be comfortable without it. But oh well, in the contrary, it was a hassle for me, maybe I am already used to have my mouse because it has been a while that I am working without a mouse. My Acer mini notebook was busted since last year, maybe it has something to do with my charger and so my expertise to work without a mouse was not practiced anymore. My daughter even complained because she could not properly play her games without the mouse, it was uncomfortable and hassle at all.

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