I Don’t Like To See That Program Lurking In My Laptop

My niece is watching movies online; lately I just miss watching movies because it has been a while since I didn’t watch movies. So I asked her if she could help me how to watch download movies, she instructed me to download yet the torrent then she told me to download movies from Kat website, I did all that and I was able to watch the “Warm Bodies” it is about a zombie who fell in love with human and later the girl fell for her too and they become an item. So anyway, with the successful download of that movie, I also tried to download the Diary of the Wimpy Kid Dog Days, I was smiling at all when after a night of waiting for it to completely download, this morning I tried to watch it but I was disappointed because it doesn’t have any sounds. Thus, I deleted it, but then I downloaded again the Snow White and The Huntsman yet it didn’t save directly to my external hard drive, and the format for downloading seems not right. When my niece arrives from school, I asked her what happen to it, she could not answer it and so I just uninstall the torrent program, I am too disappointed that I don’t like to see that program lurking in my laptop. Right I am trying to watch a movie online. Yes, and it is the Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Dog Days.

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