Chicka Messenger Is Changed

I used Chicka messenger before and it is really a big help for me once especially when I don’t have load or credits in my phone at all. I remember the Chicka messenger because one night I could not get hold of my husband and I don’t have credits in my phone and so I install the Chicka messenger in my phone and in the computer but I guess there are some changes with the messenger at all, because if I can get to hold off my husband and know what he is doing when I messaged him through Chicka messenger before but now it would prompt that they do not support the network of what my husband is using. But I still continue with it though, I was hoping I could use it in local but sad to say I guess I really have to delete this messenger because it is no use at all. I could not even message my friends through it; the send button is not highlighted so that means it is not functioning anymore. I miss the features that the Chicka messenger once had, but we can’t do anything with whatever they added or change, all I have to do now is delete it.

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