I Still Want The Toyota Brand

I am really having problem with my car right now, I have spent lots of money of this already just for the repairs but it seems the problem is still there. Maybe because it is an old model, I am actually the 3rd owner of this car so obviously it has been lived years and years already. The cost for the repairs is not practical at all thus; we are looking for a new car. I already looked for a Japan surplus but I still like my brand, which is the Toyota, yeah that is the brand name of my car. When I look for a new car comparison for Toyota, I learned that the Toyota has many models and they are above standard and measured up very well compared to other vehicles. I must remember that choosing for my next new car; I would have to consider the gas mileage, the longevity, safety and importantly is the cost of ownership.

I’ve never been comfortable with any other car except of course Toyota, I don’t have to question of its longevity because I proved it already with my car, as I said it is already running for years and years and until I still used it, yes although I really need to replace it already because of the cost of repairs but I tell you the engine still works great, the only problem is the accessories and parts. Geez, I am excited of getting a new car, I hope that the next car I can drive is still the Toyota.

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