Car Loan

Yes, I guess everyone knows here that I am selling my car, anyone who is interested please just message me. But of course I will buy another new one if the budget is right; I am actually inquiring what are car title loans? Would it help me acquire a certain amount of money to buy me a new car? Sigh, if only I knew someone who could let me borrow, or someone want to buy my car, I already have disposed my car now and drive another brand new car. I know I just have to be patient of having a new car, I know my husband has plans.

I was thinking if I would still drive a manual car or automatic car, I was trained to drive a manual car but they said automatic is much easier than of the manual so it’s okay to drive an automatic car as it was like a bump car. But I will not take any risk; I think I may need an expert to tell me what to do when driving an automatic car. Maybe a week could do, and if not maybe I’ll ask for extension or an escort for me to instruct me more.

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2 Responses to “Car Loan”

  1. Vehicle2hire says:

    Hi, this news can be useful for my friend who want to buy car, I must share with him. If he interested, then he will sure contact you.

  2. riz tomacruz says:

    driving an automatic is a breeze. gear and break is all you need to focus and you’re set to go.
    moreover, when it comes to price, automatic is cheaper than a manual car because most automatics guzzle up gasoline instead of diesel where manuals do have both gas/diesel.
    however, when we’re dealing with buying used automatics, we may have to assess the engine esp. when it’s above 5-year old.
    hope this helps 🙂