Your Battery Needs Replacement

I got disappointed with my new camera; this is two times already that the battery was easily drained. My niece was so pissed off with it as well when she brought it to the P.E. night at school; she was so ready to pose when it says the battery should be replace. I was laughing at that moment because she was begging me to let her borrow and now when I said yes, when she tried to pose with her friends, it didn’t work at all. She even messaged me with her disappointment, it was a night to remember and yet there’s no way she could get a souvenir from that event. Oh well, unless her friends has camera and they would send her some copies.

Today, I was with friends to take pictures of the 76th Araw ng Davao, my eldest daughter was with me and she was the one who was taking pictures of it. Sooner or later, the battery didn’t work at all, and the parade was not still finished! My friend suggested for me to buy an Eloop battery, it lasts longer than the other batteries. It costs a bit but at least I will not get disappointed with its performance.

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