Android Or Guitar

Mj’s graduation day is fast approaching; her daddy is thinking what to buy for her or what to give her as a gift. My husband thought the Android since she has been saving for it but this summer she will going to enroll in a music studio to learn guitar so obviously she  will be needing a guitar very soon. I suggested a guitar to my husband so maybe he could me the Android instead for uploading some games I could play. You see I’d been playing this Candy Crush Saga online and I could not play during my dull moments so maybe if I have my own tablet, I could download the game and I could play with it whenever I have to wait for something, like waiting for my turn in the Pag ibig, SSS and the likes. LOL! What am I talking about, it’s up to Mj what she likes, if she would ask for the Android or guitar, it’s up to her. Whatever her Daddy would give her; I am sure she would gladly accept it.

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