Website Hacked!

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Screen capture by GMA 5 online

Kris Aquino the Queen of all Media website  was hacked; it was on the news the other day. There’s a window there that says Anonymous, my niece who takes up IT said they are famous, and very witty. She said they are a group of hackers and they could hack a website just easy. I am not sure though if they were able to retrieve the website of this celebrity, it just said it hacked during the battle of her and her husband to the custody of their son. Anyway when I went to her website now, it seems it went back normal already, maybe they were able to retrieve it already. I earned a little in my websites I could not afford that someone would hack it and claim it as theirs, I hope it will not happen because I am no techie when it comes to this, I mean I even got a headache with layouts and stuffs so spare my sites besides I am not even famous. LOL!

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