He Is Not My GW Anymore

I always asked my husband to do the writing for me especially when I have lots of OPPS and I could not attend it all. There were times that he will do it all but the problem is when he is out to travel and I have OPPS I would still have to wait for him to arrive because I don’t know anymore how to begin to write at all. And I don’t like the feeling that I always depend on him when it comes to writing, I want to write on my own and post it to my sites. I envy other bloggers who can write OPPS fast yet with thoughts and with perfect grammar. My husband does not complain at all of how many tons of advertisement he would write but I feel like I am useless because it’s his post that is showing and not mine although my websites and the earnings are mine. So I made a decision, one day when he is out to travel again, I have an OPP and geez it took me like a day to finish one article. But I did not give up, I know soon I will get used to it and I would come up an idea fast as what other bloggers do. And I succeeded, now I am writing my own OPP, although sometimes my husband would help me, he will write one and I will write the rest, especially when I have to meet the deadline. I know I am not that good in grammar, I am trying though but I have my own flaws. So if you could find some things that are not right, oh just spare me.

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