I Wonder What’s Next

When I was young, there were two kinds of cigars that I just knew and that is the ordinary cigar like my Dad wanted me to buy for him so he can smoke and the ordinary tobacco that my grandmother always puffed. But ever since I always don’t like smoke, I sometimes catch the smoke when my father is starting to smoke already; I was like trying to put off the smoke because it made me congested.

But today, there are lots of cigars available in the market, I have read about the Electronic Cigars that I don’t know how to use at all; I mean I knew about smoke and such, but about Electronic, geez technologies today are sometimes really confusing. And now it is just introduced to the market the acid cigars and they even have the acid cigar sampler for those who wanted to try. It even says that to know how indulging this cigar is, one must try it since the best learn what cigar is to experience them. From ordinary cigar, to Acid Cigar, I wonder what kind of cigar could be next.

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