Black on The Sides of my Pictures

I just bought a mini DSLR last December but it seems like there is something black already on the sides on my pictures. It will just fade if I have to change the settings to scene but with the smart settings there is always that black on the sides. I wonder if it is a frame but I already tried the settings but I could not see anything that could change it. I am worried if it is already busted or something wrong of it already. Just thinking about it makes me disappointed, I mean I bought it through sweats, I mean it is hard to for me to write one sentence in every OPPS and now when I purchased the thing that I want in my life later this is what just happen?  I just hope it is just the settings that I could change it, I thought about the manual it is long gone as well. I think I misplaced it somewhere and now I could not find it, sigh!

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