Digital ID

I enrolled Mj today at the new school, she was so excited when she had her picture taken for her I.D. she wanted to experience to have a Digital identification card. It goes like this, when she go inside the campus and swiped her identification card, I would receive a notification on my phone that she is already inside the campus and when she go outside the campus in the afternoon, it will prompt as well to my phone that she went out from the campus. Isn’t it nice? I can monitor her even without my presence at school; this is what I like about the new school, aside from the Digital ID. Their facilities are also new. I also wanted to transfer Faith at the new school but I change my mind because Faith is already used to her school and besides Faith can take advantage of the mother tongue they are always using even outside the classroom, it is very useful for Faith especially when she always talks to her Dad on the phone.

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