Cash on Delivery For Ordering Gadget Online

My workmate said she ordered her tablet online. I asked her if it is not scary to order online especially when it is a gadget. She told me she ordered it through Cash on Delivery payment, meaning she would have to pay for it when it was delivered. But when she found out it was slightly damaged, she just filled up a form provided through the site where she ordered the tablet and sent it as well. She just paid P200.00 for sending it back through LBC. 2 or 3 days she was refunded with the total amount she paid, then after a week, the item sent back to her and this time, her complaint was already fixed. She then paid it again when it was delivered.

The delivery should takes place after 7 business days from the day you ordered it on their site but the gadget was delivered to her fast, it was only 2 business days to be exact. Mj is planning to order her Android on the same site but I am having doubts, I am still trying to think about it. Although she is okay if she have to wait for the right to buy it in the mall, she is saving for it, and as I can recall, she is almost there.

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