For This Techie World

Recently I’d been hooked up with playing Farmville 2 in Facebook and while I was hooked with it, I left my blogs behind. But I can’t help it especially when I have some task I need to complete. And I know I need to stop playing with it soon otherwise I will be a blogger that is earn-less and I don’t want to end up like that. I mean I have made an effort to create a blog even my husband is helping me with this and yet I will just let it go? No way, I should very soon and I will mind my blogs alone. I just need again a motivation for me to write some more but I guess since I am working I am sure to have so many stories to write and to tell all of you guys or at least to those who are interested to know what’s going on in my techie world. Duh? As if I am techie enough for this complicated and yet enjoyable techie world.

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