The Many Pros and Cons of Electronic Cigarettes

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As a greater number of people are now cognisant of the numerous health concerns associated with smoking, various methods have entered the marketplace that can be extremely efficient at breaking this dangerous habit. One item that has gained particular interest in recent years is what is known as an electronic cigarette. Like many other remedies that are used to help break an addiction, e-cigarettes are associated with various benefits as well as the invariable drawback or two. So, let us have a brief look at these pros and cons in some greater detail.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

One of the most notable advantages that e-cigarettes offer is that numerous studies have concluded that the vast majority of smokers who choose this option report that their cravings are indeed substantially lessened.

Another significant benefit is that those who replace normal cigarettes with their electronic counterparts find that they experience less withdrawal symptoms than attempting to cut down on usage without any aid.

Additionally, e-cigarettes do not contain the harmful carcinogens and other chemical byproducts that are present in normal cigarettes. Finally, the oral fixation side of this addiction is alleviated by employing these electronic devices, thus further helping in breaking the addiction.

The Downsides of E-Cigarettes

One downside that has been reported by many independent analysts is the fact that e-cigarettes do not provide proper labeling in terms of their use and any associated health risks. For example, smokers looking for e cig deals may be unaware that these devices can heighten the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. This may be important for those who suffer from high blood pressure or an existing heart condition.

Also, it is important to note that these cartridges contain high amounts of pure nicotine. Should they leak, the user can be exposed to potentially dangerous amounts of the chemical. Another area of concern is that while smoking these “e cigs” may help reduce the craving for tobacco, respiratory function is still drastically inhibited and the delivery of oxygen to the heart is reduced.

Finally, independent sources such as the Food and Drug Administration in the United States have claimed that potentially dangerous and even cancer-causing substances are ironically found in this devices themselves. It is important to note that these substances are not normally inhaled, but if the device is broken or damaged they may present a threat. A more comprehensive analysis of their findings can be found here.

Simply stated, many believe that electronic cigarettes represent a comparatively safe alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Nonetheless, it should be noted that there are certain risks involved with these electronic devices.

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