Pawning Gadgets

When my workmate said that she pawned her laptop so she can have enough funds until our first salary, and she said she is only using her tablet, I told her I can let her borrow my other router since I guess it still works. I mean she can only check it if its work but I didn’t realize that she is only using USB for her Internet connection and I think any router will not work that way. So I just told her that the router could not for USB she must have a wired connection so it can provide the router enough connection.  I can’t imagine to pawned any of my gadget but if I really need to do it maybe I would do the same thing especially that I have 2 kids I need to send to school and to feed every day. How I wish our salary will be soon enough so my workmates can provide themselves enough for their daily expenses. I am just lucky because my husband would always support my expenses and I don’t need to borrow some money or pawn my gadgets.

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