I Wonder if my Acer Netbook Would Also Make a Miracle

As I mentioned before, my niece charger works all a sudden without sending it to a computer repair shop. Now I am wondering if my Acer mini notebook would also make a miracle and will just work without having it repair. I am not sure though because I am not checking it yet, I have to try my charger for this computer to my Acer netbook first so I would know, I mean would it work that way? Or would my charger would be okay for that? I am worried actually what if they are not match and my charger for this computer will get busted. I hope it won’t do any harm with my charger or I’ll be sending both chargers to the computer shop. Actually I need a thorough observation for that so that means I need to have a time for it but right now I just can’t. I mean when I am at home, I am here updating my blogs or resting. I know I should have to have a time for it so I would know. But geez got too busy here, I mean really busy this time.

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