Free Telpad And Upgrade Internet Connection

 photo telpad_zps1b51e99a.png

The other day, a call center agent from PLDT called me over the phone and said that I am qualified to have a free TELPAD. They just have to upgrade my Internet to have a faster connection and of course if there’s an upgrade they should also add a P500.00 to my bill every month. I was really almost getting it, I mean the Telpad is very tempting but I am having doubts. I mean you can find an Android for lesser price, I guess there’s only P4, 000.00 available in store. In short I did not get it; I declined the offer although they said that they can upgrade my Internet connection real fast and over the phone and the telpad will be delivered 2 or 3 business days. Did I make a right decision; I don’t know I hope I did not slip an opportunity away.

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