Cellphone Instead

I was preparing to sleep when Mariel told me about that the friend of my sister is selling bags. And she would go to the house to offer me of her collections. But when I learned about the price, I took aback. I mean I have many things I need to prioritize first before I can buy something for my own. I guess I have mentioned that to some of my blogs, but my niece, she is willing to loan just to get that bag. My ears got red when I heard about it, I mean she is still a student and she is not being mindful that we are striving so hard to eat 3 times in a day. She told me it would be a nice birthday gift for her since her birthday is approaching. Then I suggested since her cellphone is almost busted, why not she wait until her birthday and we can buy a new cellphone for her. Besides I just bought her a bag last December as her Christmas gift and an expensive bag is not practical at all. So right now, I am saving a lot so I can buy a new cellphone for her on June, I hope I can come up with the amount just before her birthday.

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