One On One Training Is Better

It has been a while since I didn’t step foot in the gym, I’d been too busy for this two months because of the training and I guess I could not go back at all unless if I deprived myself from sleeping and will hit the gym instead. One thing I didn’t experience at the gym is the yoga I mean I have tried I guess once or two and I didn’t expect that men are also doing yoga I thought it was only intended for women. Like women they also have their outfit when going to the yoga, yes there are also yoga clothes for men and they all look fit with their outfit. They could also do extreme stretching oh well spare with the newbies of course they can’t do it yet unless if they are provided with one on one training. When I have done the yoga before, we were so many that the instructor could not accommodate all of us. So it is better to have your instructor so you will be guided accordingly.

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