Plan For All Of us

Who among you are gadgets freak? Oh well I guess you would be more than happy to hear that the Smart offered cheaper  iPad 4, iPad mini as much as P499.00 only and for that cost you can already get the 16 GB and 7.9 incher and at 0 zero interest for 2 years. Isn’t that great? It is more than an offer compared of the Telpad that offered me last week. Oh well, I want to own an Ipad I hope this time I can avail it since I am already working. Not to mention that it is one of the requirements to get a plan is a payroll slip and of course how much you earn in a month. I am sure Faith would also love the idea of having an Ipad at home. Not only her but all of us would love it. The other package is Plan 999 of course you would get a huge discount for an Apple device. Are you ready to own an Ipad? Oh well this is your chance and my chance as well.

 photo e372ebf6-8d6e-4356-ad2d-30f9a7432391_Apple-iPad-mini_zpsd8d36472.jpg

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