The Falling Can

I thought that getting interactive with other kids is slowly fading nowadays because of the reachable gadgets and computers at home. But when I saw these kids in the neighborhood, playing  tumba lata or falling can, slowly I recalled my younger years when I was also playing with that game. It is indeed an interactive because you should hit the can with your slipper and once it will fall you would run to get your slipper back and if you would get touch with the one who is guarding it, you will be the one to replace his place to guard the can. I really thought that falling can is already forgotten by our kids but thanks for these kids because they are still playing with it. It is healthier for them as well they would enjoy the camaraderie and the team up of each player. It is not bad to use the computer from time to time but we should balance it to being interactive especially during summer.

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