The Two IT’s In The Family

 photo DSCI2359_zps794abb2d.jpg

This picture was taken way before yet and now these two nieces are already in college and they are both taking up IT. Mariel is the one who is a computer freak, she can be awake overnight online so she thought that IT would fit for her. She’s ahead of Moreen and she realized that IT course is not that easy. But she’s doing well with all the project, although sometimes I need to really monitor her so she will do good. Moreen, on the other hand just graduated this year in high school, she was able to take the scholarship in our government here, her first choice is IT but when she enrolled the school declined  her because it is already fully loaded. She have another option though and that is to take up Economy and change in second sem. She is still to be taking up IT in the next semester.

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