Samsung Duo For Her

I have saved some money for my niece birthday this month. She wanted to have a new phone, good thing I was able to save just enough. Today we went to the mall with her, she led me to where the iPhone is and I was shocked how expensive it was. And so I told her my saving was not enough, we should pick a phone that is enough for my budget. I saw the Samsung Duo it is almost P8, 000, I like the features though and I picked it for her, she was hesitant at first she wanted a phone that is beyond my budget. I told her I can’t buy it for her, so she has no choice but to get the one I choose for her. We did not talk while we were walking but when we were already took our lunch after she browse her phone, she admittedly said she was wrong, the phone is nice as it has lots of features. I am glad she likes the phone I bought for her although I didn’t like what she responded at first.

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