War Tune Of Daddy

My husband has this game on his computer called WarTune it is like a battle of something. It can’t be played without an Internet though; there is a game there a Smash a Whack that he can’t get through. He thought that his mouse is not working, I already provided him a mouse pad or a book for his mouse but it didn’t work. So I suggested if I could help him get through with that level so he can get more scores otherwise he will get stuck there. I helped him and it is true that there’s something wrong with the mouse but after of how many retries I was able to succeed and got 1000 points. When I am done he went through with his horse and fought some bugs again. My youngest daughter is also having fun watching his Dad fighting with all the monsters. My husband said it is a nice game but it is addicted, he invited me with it but I said no besides I am too busy trying to finish my blogs to finish.

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