The Coby Has Arrived

It has been a while that my  husband bought a coby Android for me but he was not able to send it because he planned to bring it to me. His flight got cancel so I was not able to receive it the right time. When he handed it to me when I arrived, the kids love it too. Faith always played the Angry Birds, Mj played other games that are stored in the gadget but with my niece Moreen she used it for study.

My husband was amazed, when he took it from the couch where Moreen left it, he wanted to play a game but he just decided to let Moreen used it for her study. Later, my husband told Moreen that he can bring it to school for research if she wants. Now Moreen is always the one who used the gadget, I agree with my husband the Coby is in good hands with my niece Moreen because she is not using it for leisure but for research for her study.

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