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The Acer One Is Okay Now

Aside from a new phone, Mj is happy to know that the mini laptop is working fine now. We have it repair at the SST Laptop; we did not deposit it right away because they have to repair the charger first since it is also busted. We went to movie first then went back after, when the charger worked fine now, they charge it to the mini laptop and yet the laptop does not work. They have to diagnose what is going on to the laptop, they have me charge for P1, 500.00 and we need to add like P200.00 if they have to replace some parts. But if they could not repair it anymore I will just have to pay them P200.00 for diagnostic fee. My hopes are high that the mini will gonna be okay, so we left the laptop with them. After two days they messaged me on my phone that the laptop is now okay, it is just the WiFi. We went there immediately and get the laptop right away. They recommended me to reformat the computer but my husband knows how to reprogram the Acer one so instead of giving them another P1, 000.00 my husband would be the one to do it to save some bucks. And yeah after reprogramming the mini, it captured the WiFi with no hassle at all; we were able to connect the WiFi here right away.

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The Police Scanners

As the technology is evolving so are the police scanners. The newest models are equipped with more variations but are easier to use and operate effectively. However, the devices are complex enough to reduce unwanted access and ensure proper monitoring of the public safety. Many recent models allow one device to be set to different frequencies if the scanner is to be used by multiple operators. A single memory bank can be assigned to police frequencies, another to air traffic control and another one to marine communications. The frequencies can be alternatively switched as needed. Because of the modern microprocessors, the information is rapidly processed. Modern scanners also allow the user to enter thousands of various frequencies and store them in separate memory banks. Recently introduced database-driven scanners have alleviated the need for the operator to be familiar with the radio systems. Typically, only the zip code needs to be entered for the scanner to recognize all available radio channels within the area. If the device is attached to the Global Positioning System (GPS), the scanner will automatically update itself as the operator travels. Most new scanners come equipped with weather radio band allowing the user to listen to current weather broadcasts via transmitter. External or extendable antennas can also be installed for better performance. In addition, several models of police scanners come with programmable search functions allowing the user to find active frequencies by searching the Internet. A wide range of police scanners for sale at is offered with custom designed components.

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