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The other night, I already told my eldest to answer her Kumon since it  has been a week now that she was not able to attend the session since I am too busy to take her there. She just said okay but then I already heard some guitar strumming from her bedroom; I just ignored it because I was too sleepy and I was hoping she already did her Kumon.

Yesterday morning, her upper lip was swollen due to some allergy, I told her not to mind it because it will soon be gone, and she just has to ignore it. But she was too slow moving until her carpool was here already. I was so mad that she just tested my temper, I checked her bag, all her books are not there she said she left it at her locker. I was totally mad already, she seemed like she does not care her studies at all, after what we’ve done to her. She got angry when I took her phone away from her; I hide it in my drawer. After a while, I went inside her bedroom and talk to her, heart to heart, why I have to take the phone. It is her punishment for not following instructions, I also told the cons if she will go away, no one would be able to attend to  her outside, no school whatsoever. Yes, she packed her things when she learns that I will not return her phone on that day. We are okay now actually I just have to be firm when confiscating cellphone.

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