Free Gadgets Inside The Car

I was in a team building today that I noticed that somebody brought a DSLR camera, I was so ecstatic to use it. I asked first the owner if how much did he pay for the camera and he said it is free. Yes, it’s free, when his Father bought a car; the owner said all of the gadgets that were inside the car are already free. Together with the DSLR camera the laptop and a cell phone (I just don’t know what model was the cell phone) for P600.000.00 for a D Max car they had all the gadgets for free. It was a bit pricey right but he said D Max is really very expensive car, he said that it was all worth it, the gadgets are a big BONUS. Anyway, his father buys some cars and sells it later, so I guess they sell the D Max more than the amount that they purchase it. I mean I am always on the cheaper one but did they really get the car fair with those free gadgets?

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