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Twice This Time

The mini laptop was given to me by my husband during Mother’s Day three years ago so I really valued it until now even though it was busted for months already. I have a new laptop that I bought last year since the DELL and this Acer One are no longer working. But I still keep it because I want it to fix however I was not able to do it immediately because I was too busy with taking care of the kids and work.

On the other hand I know that the charger of the mini laptop was also busted, so before fixing the net book I should have the charger checked first. The one who repaired the charger when it was busted before is working in the other computer shop, (the computer shop that I previously worked) and I feel a bit shy to have this one checked again since I got it for free before. When my husband came over, he wanted to have the charger repair and as well as the net book.

We went to SM since I saw a computer repair shop there, we have the charger checked first and left it there. We wanted to leave the net book as well so they can check it too. But they refused because they could not attend the two gadgets for one time deposit. So we have to take the mini laptop back, bring it with us and we will just go back after two hours when the charger is already fix then that’s only the time they can check the mini laptop. I know I also could not see the logic why we can’t deposit the two gadgets in one time while we know that those two are busted. So since it’s the company policy we could not question it. Anyway we went back after we watch a movie, they have fix the charger and we allowed us this time to leave the laptop with them and we can just claim after two days when it is already repaired.

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