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Mistakenly Set The Default Settings in GOOGLE Groups

One could want to share some ideas online but not to the extent that even negotiations and all that could be seen by everyone around the world. I just read news online that Japan officials mistakenly set the Google privacy settings. They used the default settings in GOOGLE that outsiders could see instead of limiting the access for members only.

Google Groups allows users to establish or join discussions on any subject, which can be accessed either by email or through the web.

The user who sets up the group can determine who can join the group and who can view and post messages.

The default on the set-up page allows anyone to see messages, although this can be limited by a drop-down menu.

There were negotiations that were exposed to the public although those memos were not top secret but were not also for public release the environment spokesman said. They admitted that at least 6 government ministries and agencies used the wrong default setting in Google groups although they are taking corrective steps.

Click this link for the whole news.

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