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Hopeful To Take The PR’s Back

I thought the swiping of PR has been done already last summer but I was surprised that recently they did it again. Sigh, my Little World of Fun is now zero after enjoying the PR 1 for years now. After the Points of View lost its PR on summer. I just ignored it when I was still working because I was too darn busy without realizing that I will resign last month. Yes, I was not able to attend my blogs since I didn’t have the time to do it, I mean every time I arrive home from work every morning. I got too tired that I just wanted to sleep and rest. I was not even able to chat with my husband because I was too darn busy with my offline work.

But last summer I made a decision to stop working that was the time then that I realized how important it is too make an update to my blog. But I guess it was too late already because I lost some PR’s already. Now I am trying to take it back, I even installed some share buttons plug in so to help my blog. Now I don’t only share it to Twitter, FB likes, and GOOGLE plus but StumbleUpon as well and some others networking share buttons. I am trying to re-do my blogging career and I hope it would welcome me as well.

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Branding Your Business

My husband was an office manager at one time during his working career. He said he was in charge of everything from payroll to office supplies. One of the things that he says was important is “branding” your business. In other words, your business having a recognizable logo, letter head and business envelopes that identify your business brand you to your customers. He says you can find at cheap envelope printing at Controlling cost is important to your business and find the best value for your business needs, like envelopes, can save you a lot of money over time.

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