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Samsung Young For My Young Lady

Since Daddy bought Faith a DVD player for her to watch a movie when she’s inside the car, Daddy felt guilty of not bringing anything for Mj. So when Mj asked for a new cellphone they went to the cell phone shop right away so Mj can choose what she likes. Mj was very happy when she learned that Daddy would buy her a phone, she could not contain her happiness at that time. She even hugged Daddy for purchasing her a phone. She will not wait anymore for her savings to come up with the right amount. Anyway, she picked up a Samsung Young. The most and very much useful feature for her is the Android, now she can play games, search in GOOGLE, and can put a style on her pictures. We choose Samsung Young simply because the features are for her exactly a young gal who is very equipped with latest technology. And besides Samsung Young is cheaper than the other latest cellphone so I guess we were able to get the best price.

 photo HPIM0860_zps5f928a06.jpg

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